Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am what I am!

Hello Everybody,
Welcome to my blog...!!!

There is huge scope for improving my writing skills as well as typing speed...
So, I really wonder right now how much I will blog regularly...
But soon or later, I will be....Neways, let me post my first blog

What I found that many people in this world try to project themselves to be as individuals
they would like to be rather than what they are.

Definitely, everybody should always pursuit to be an person which is ideal for himself or herself...
but should not try to project self as that person even though he/she is not...

That's why my display name is I am what I am....

If you want to know more about me..esp acads, professional life,
you can definately visit my IISc web page:

Chalo then,
Bye for now,
Royal Sujit