Saturday, January 16, 2010

I lied

Today I am confessing that I lied to you all!!!

While creating the blog, I promised, I will use it for one way communication with you all my dear friends..I will share my thoughts...or shed some light on Royal Sujit's life...Also I mentioned,  I will use this blog as an opportunity to improve my writing skills.

Today, I am feeling, I lied... In recent times, I am only putting some emails on the blog. I am not writing on my  own.  Hereby I confess that, I lied to you.  (Also, some of the readers; whom I sent an email for  today's post, stating they will enjoy today's post; may feel that I lied that they will enjoy this blog a lot  ;) )

However, do not worry, I assure that I will post my own created blogs...(Else who will bore you in this life?) I promise, no more lies...only truth...and if at all I lie, it will be true lies! ( :P )

Chalo bye world, it was just for fun, do not worry, enjoy your day!!!
Royal Sujit has to get back to his work....

Royal Sujit

Stupid Software Engineer

Another forward email.....
All of you who have seen the movie  ‘A Wednesday’... will love it...

Commissioner Rathore : kaun ho tum..??? kya pehcan hai tumhari ?

Unkonwn Caller :  Kaun hoon mein...mein vo hu jo aaj commintment karne se darta hai, Mein vo hoon jo aaj ghar jaane se darta ha, ye soch ke kahin ghar wale pehchanne se inkar na kar de...

mein vo hoon jo, aaj job change karta hai to sochta hai ki kahin recession mein mujhe company se na nikal de..

mein vo hoon jiski girlfriend usse friday  ko dus bar phone karti hai, "kya kar rahe ho..?? kaam jyada hai..?? thak gaye ho..?? "
mera haal poochne ke liye ya kaam poochne ke liye nahi,  rathore saab... balki vo ye jaanaa chahti hai ki... kahin hamesha ki tarah end moment pe
boss ke bulane pe mein satrudary ki date cancel to nahi kar raha...

mein vo hoon jo breakfast ke time pe dinner karta hai, lunch time pe breakfast karta hai, dinner ke time pe lunch karta hai.. vo bhi time mil jae to...

mein vo hoon jo aksar phasta hain
kabhi Interviews ke sawaal mey phasta hai , kabhi Badi companiyon ke jaal mey phasta hai, kabhi boss  aur client ke bawaal mey fasta hai.

Project office ki bheed  to dekhi hogi aapne rathore saab... us bheed mein se koi bhi chehra chun lijie.. mein vo hoon..

I'm the same old ..

Royal Sujit

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

Hello all,

First of all a very warm happy new year!!
I wish you all a very prosporus, healthy, wealthy, joyful year ahead.
I wish all your wishes come true!!

Some time back I received a nice set of words, titled '10 Words'.
I am sure everybody mus have received it from some where or the other source.
However, thought of putting those here too.

Royal Sujit