Monday, April 25, 2011


politicians are corrupt...but it should also be noted that corruption starts with self....many submit fake house rent receipts to save on tax....if caught by police for not having DL or insurance...or breaking many really pay full fine(paying full fine may not make sense as also it is doubtful really it goes to govt or they are giving fake receipts, but my question is how many would really pay fine provided the receipts are genuine)...and how many prefer to opt to bribe him with smaller amount and get people really think y just sharing posts giving numbers about money in swiss banks or supporting anna problems are going to get solved....when on large scale common individuals are also corrupt...some may argue...lok pal bill is first step...but if we don't try to solve the root problem...just taking first steps occasionally is not going to solve problem....every individual first should try to remove this(corruption) from his/her attitude...should not bribe anybody....should not cheat govt by fake bills....should not avoid tolls.....ya...i hv seen many individuals...who try to cheat toll system on roads...just pretend that they are giving toll at the counter....and then speed up....there are many ways by which people can start from self...even everybody reduces such activities partially..i would say...that is much bigger first step and which will lead to solution....Jai Hind!
--- Regards, Royal Sujit


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