Saturday, January 16, 2010

I lied

Today I am confessing that I lied to you all!!!

While creating the blog, I promised, I will use it for one way communication with you all my dear friends..I will share my thoughts...or shed some light on Royal Sujit's life...Also I mentioned,  I will use this blog as an opportunity to improve my writing skills.

Today, I am feeling, I lied... In recent times, I am only putting some emails on the blog. I am not writing on my  own.  Hereby I confess that, I lied to you.  (Also, some of the readers; whom I sent an email for  today's post, stating they will enjoy today's post; may feel that I lied that they will enjoy this blog a lot  ;) )

However, do not worry, I assure that I will post my own created blogs...(Else who will bore you in this life?) I promise, no more lies...only truth...and if at all I lie, it will be true lies! ( :P )

Chalo bye world, it was just for fun, do not worry, enjoy your day!!!
Royal Sujit has to get back to his work....

Royal Sujit