Monday, August 13, 2012

Kempe Fort Temple, early morning visit

Today, we went to KempeFort Shiva temple early morning. (Reached there at 545am).
When we reached there, it was still almost dark. Twilight was not yet there. No rush. Thank god. Last time when I visited, I had to stand almost an hour in queue to get darshan.
Had very nice darshan. The poojari told us, there will be aarti in 5 minutes. You may want to wait. We were not in hurry and waited. There was option to get one pooja lamp with Ghee and every individual can do aarti. The aarti went on for 10-15 minutes. In this 10-15 minutes, slowly twilight started coming out. The big Lord Mahadeva idol got illuminated in the twilight. And it was as if day is brightened.

After coming out of temple, with fresh mind, i was wondering, how many times I get up so early? How many times I do visit temple early morning? But why I am thinking about it?
Do I really need to do all this? Does the worshiping god gives everything one need?

No. But still I feel, I should worship god. But where is the time?We all are busy with our lives and jobs. We cant wake up 430-5am everyday because many times late night calls (this another sad story, are we really independent after independence?or still working for white skin?But this is not the point i want to make here.) or at least have to finish some work today and work late. Sometimes, we are proud nocturnal. Then where will we get time.

Whatever may be the reasons, only my question to self is, am I loosing my culture?Am I loosing the heritage we have? Am I loosing my identity being Hindu?

Royal Sujit